L’Art de Ohana Exhibit at Abreeza Mall


We’ve been so busy since the second week of November that I completely forgot to post anything about our recent exhibit! Last November 19, we opened the L’Art de Ohana exhibit at the Abreeza Mall Art Space, and ran it to November 27.


L’Art de Ohana was a collaboration between us, that is me and my wife Cathy, with Sogetsu-school ikebana teachers Claudia Rendon Garcia and Maribel Villarama-Ronquillo, along with our talented makeup artist Carine Bacani, wherein we did a fusion of Sogetsu-inspired flower arrangements with fashion portraits. The concept was to show ikebana in a new way, and by adding a human element, to heighten the ephemerality of the arrangements by compressing the lifespan of the complete work into a mere split second when light, expression, pose and the freshness of the flowers were all at their peak.

The road to this exhibit was kinda twisty, as in fact we hadn’t planned on having an exhibit at first; the project had been done as a calendar, and we were supposed to have a launching event where we’d sell the calendars at a cocktail party. Fate can be funny though. Our intended venue had to close down with barely a month’s warning from our launch date, so we had to scramble to find another venue.


Thanks to Ruby Ochoa, Marketing Manager for Abreeza Malls, we got a venue – not only for a full week instead of a day, but for free! Of course, we still had to foot the logistics, which was still not peanuts. Nevertheless, somehow we managed – thanks to Claudia, Carine, Maribel and of course my wifey, who’s simply incredible in crunch situations.


We held our opening on November 19, with Japanese Consul for Davao Tomoko Dodo as guest of honor, and Davao socialites Michael Dakudao and Marissa Tionko as our emcees. Most of our models were also there, and one of them, Shadia Ardila, graciously helped out with a live art installation which demonstrated our production process for the attendees. 

We’re very grateful to our partners and to everyone who helped us come up with this exhibit on such short notice – to Ruby and Shimee from the Abreeza management, to Consul Dodo for accepting an invitation again on such short notice, Annie Garcia for our catering, to Marissa Tionko and Michael Dakudao, and our fantastic models – Carla Peralta, Lairah Lapitan, MM Lo, Maybelle Yu, Carine, Emily Goldston-Perrine, Shadia Ardila, Bela Francisco, Ingrid Taujo, King Fernandez, Isabela Asistido, and Yinmei Cano!



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